Space Siagne

The “Siagne” area is a modular platform of 1m² located on the ground floor, on one level and in the light of day thanks to a large bay window overlooking the gardens.

This bare, pillar-free space is completely modular thanks to its removable partitions which are soundproofed and can accommodate 4 simultaneous meetings.

Dimensions of spaces:
– Espace Siagne A – 327 m²
– Espace Siagne B – 360 m²
– Espace Siagne C – 360 m²
– Espace Siagne D – 391 m²

Each of these rooms can be arranged in the desired configuration: theatre, school or U-shaped.
These 1700 m² can be used in their entirety because the space does not contain any pillars.

Type of events hosted: trade shows and general public, gala dinners (with or without a show), shows, cocktail parties, conventions, meetings, speeches, exhibitions.

Plan salle Siagne

Seating plan Siagne

Plan Global CEC Mandelieu

CEC Mandelieu Global Plan

Plan dimension des espaces

Space dimension plan