Riviera Auditorium

The Auditorium “Riviera” with an area of ​​1 m² accommodates up to 100 people.

Like all areas of the Center Expo Congrès, the "Riviera" Auditorium can be adapted to all your needs. Thanks to its fully modular stand, it can be adjusted according to the number of people expected.

It has a stage area and high quality audiovisual equipment (stage background screen, video projector, sound system, etc.).
The stage opening is 12 meters and its depth varies from 5 to 8 meters.

The main stand is retractable and the entire space can be arranged to accommodate 200 to 900 people.

Examples of possible configurations:
– Main stand 50% unfolded, i.e. 275 seats including 10 persons with reduced mobility.
– Main stand 75% unfolded, i.e. 413 seats including 10 persons with reduced mobility.
– Main stand 100% unfolded, i.e. 563 seats including 16 persons with reduced mobility.

The main stand can be supplemented by two side stands with 63 seats each, as well as by seats on the ground, thus making it possible to obtain 900 seats.

Plan Auditorium avec Gradins

Auditorium Plan with Tiers

Plan Auditorium sans Gradins

Auditorium Plan without Tiers

Plan Global CEC Mandelieu

CEC Mandelieu Global Plan

Plan dimension des espaces

Space dimension plan