Centre Expo Congrès Mandelieu – Guide du Tri

Center Expo Congrès Mandelieu – Sorting Guide

Centre Expo Congrès Mandelieu – une démarche vers la norme ISO 20121

Center Expo Congrès Mandelieu – a step towards the ISO 20121 standard

Centre Expo Congrès Mandelieu – Politique développement durable

Center Expo Congrès Mandelieu – Sustainable development policy

Centre Expo Congrès – Guide « Here we Sort »

Center Expo Congrès – Guide “Here we Sort”

Labels from the Mandelieu-La Napoule Tourist and Congress Office.

  • Tourism & disability: The Mandelieu Convention and Visitors Bureau has obtained the Label for the 4 disabilities: motor, visual, auditory and mental.
  • Tourism Quality Mark: The Tourist and Convention Bureau has obtained the Quality Tourism Mark for the activities it manages within the Center Expo Congrès.
  • SafeGuard: The Center Expo Congrès is labeled SafeGuard since march 2022 
  • In progress: The Center Expo Congrès is in the process of obtaining the label ISO 20121.